A new open source FRAP application.

Frapbot has all features found in common FRAP software and more - online and all at the same place. We make sure that every version is stored to reproduce your old results at any time. At the same time, we can apply changes and bug fixes within minutes for everyone without downloading new software or dependencies. The source code is written in R and can easily be modified for your experimental needs.

Start Frapbot Example Data

Perform your experiment.

Start and perform your FRAP experiment like you used to do.


Quantify your sequences.

Frapbot is not limited to a specific tool, but we recommend to use Fiji to select your ROIs and extract the .csv datasets out of your image sequences.


Analyze it with frapbot.

Now the fun begins! Instead of large excel files and scripts you are just one click away from analyzing your experimental data. Just upload the files and explore what you have.

If you have questions or suggestions - let us know! · Robink14