Frapbot: An Open-Source Application for FRAP Data.

Kohze, R., Dieteren, C., Koopman, W.J., Brock, R., Schmidt, S. (2017)

We introduce Frapbot, a free-of-charge open source software web application written in R, which provides manual and automated analyses of fluorescence recovery after photo-bleaching (FRAP) datasets. For automated operation, starting from data tables containing columns of time-dependent intensity values for various regions of interests within the images, a pattern recognition algorithm recognizes the relevant columns and identifies the presence or absence of prebleach values and the time point of photobleaching. Raw data, residuals, normalization, and boxplots indicating the distribution of half times of recovery (t1/2) of all uploaded files are visualized instantly in a batch-wise manner using a variety of user-definable fitting options. The fitted results are provided as .zip file, which contains .csv formatted output tables. Alternatively, the user can manually control any of the options described earlier.