Open Source
Which File format is accepted?
FrapBot requires .csv files in the Fiji formatting style. These Files are generated by "ROI multimeasuring" in Fiji, and setting the file output to .csv . In later versions of FrapBot, varying file formats (such as excel) from different programms might be implented.
Can I download Frapbot and use it offline?
Yes, the Frapbot source code can be downloaded and right away executed in (R Studio). Having Frapbot available offline might be a good solution to store and retroinspect your data under the same conditions. In the "update log" on this platform, you can download every single published FrapBot version.
Can you implement my idea/technique?
Ideas are always welcome (send me an email). The main question concering any implementation is weather its additional use for the user-base is balanced to its user friendlyness/ performance.
Which Regions Of Interest (ROIs) are required?
FrapBot requires a Bleach, Control and Background Region. While it is later possible to deactivate the Background Region, it is yet necessary for the automatic column detection algorithm. It is not necessary to give those ROIs specific names or have them in a specific order - but it might still be beneficial for the user experiance to have a individual annotation system.
My experiment requires a different fitting equation
In case a different fitting is required, I can certainly work out a solution for your experiment (by adjusting the Frapbot program code and making your equation selectable in the fitting options). Other to that, it is possible to just download the FrapBot open source code of frapbot, and edit the code on your own (and execute the programm in R Studio).
How is Frapbot licensed?
We write Frapbot with a MIT license which means that everybody can freely download and modify the Code. You can find the full Frapbot Code at
Do I need pre-bleach values?
As many microscope softwares split pre-bleach and post bleach recordings, FrapBot is programmed to detect absent pre-bleach values and allows for an (optional) manual pre-bleach input. If pre-bleach values are present in the .csv file, it will automaticly detect the bleaching process. In that particular case, only post-bleach values are taken for the non-linear fitting and the pre-bleach values (median) set to 100% in the normalization process