Update Log
FrapBot is designed to be easily upadated as its development progresses. To ensure that scientific requirements, such as reproducability is met, every single version of FrapBot is made accessable. Furthermore this section provides a accurate update log, helping to understand the FrapBot version differences.

The graph on the right indicates the update progress of each specific area of FrapBot.

You can inspect and download the Frapbot R code here.

  • FrapBot Core Development
  • New Features
  • Interface Development
  • compatibility development
FrapBot 1.9 (6.04.2017)

General Improvements of the platform by adding examples and better descriptions. Changes in the double exponential fitting process to match the functionality of competitive programs.

FrapBot 1.8 (10.02.2017)

Graphical Improvements to use the given space better

FrapBot 1.3 (20.08.2016)

- re-wrote internal algorithms to reduce errors
- re-wrote the pattern recognition which should perform significantly better

FrapBot 1.2 (15.02.2016)

- Download function now active
- fixed bug with non-zero starting datasets

FrapBot 1.1 (20.01.2016)

- higher resolution graphics
- new feature: custom formula input
- new feature: averaged curves
- new table output style
- faster upload and data processing
- added red point to mark specific t1/2 in box plot
- fixed errors regarding pre-bleach including sequence datasets
- added more result information about dataset quality
- reduced result output number to 4 decimals

FrapBot 1.0 (06.01.2016)

- first public release

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